Sunday, March 29, 2009

Magic in Your Computer

Some tips and tricks you can use as a Microsoft Windows user.

Many users will be aware of some tricks about Microsoft operating system and my motive of writing this article may go vain. But I still expect that there will be still some users not aware about this so-called magic, tricks or bugs.

"1. Open Microsoft Office Word and type =rand() and hit enter. So, what was the output? "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." This quote will be displayed.

2. Now go to MS word again and type =rand(7,7). So, the result is the same but number of time it appears changes. Isn't it?

3. Open notepad in your Windows and type, "bush hid the facts" but yes remove those quotes and type it. Now save the notepad file and open it again. What do you see? Some squares? Or some Chinese language? Depends on your encode settings in operating system but result won't be the same as what you wrote."

Now having noted this three tricks here, many of you may be left unimpressed. I can't help it though. But wait, I can at least suggest some tips. Like:

"1. When you want your Windows to maximize for a better view of document, images, or videos just press F11 on the top of your keyboard.

2. Why do you want to explorer and search through your folders every time you want to listen to your favorite songs? Just right click the task-bar at the bottom and select- new toolbar. Now add your favorite folder as a toolbar. You get a quick access to all your songs and you can also see whole list at a time like a menu."

Still left unimpressed?

Try this...

Minimize all your windows that are open, including your web browser. Now press Alt key + F4 key and hit enter.

Hope this helps.

Note- If you are not using Windows operating system then God helps me.

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