Monday, March 23, 2009

Most Beautiful Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist Photos

Professional Makeup Artist Photo Model Bodypainting
Maris Malone Calderon Makeup Artist Directory Profile - Makeup Artist Website

These are some of the most beautiful make up artist photos that were recently submitted to my Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Directory.

Makeup artists and hairdressers have been by far the most active group when it comes to registering. Thank you for that!

Their professionalism and passion stands out from the other beauty industry professionals who are also invited to create profile pages.
With a few exceptions makeup artists and hairstylists are probably not as well represented in online directories and communities so perhaps the chance for added exposure was also a motivating factor.

To give another outlet to the endless creativity of makeup artists I started a new category in this blog: my Artist Interviews section.
Participating in my makeup artist interview series is open to members and non-members of my FREE Fashion Industry Directory by way of this Makeup Artist Interview form.
Self interview questions are also available for other professionals, visit my Hair Stylist Self Interview and Photographer Self Interview pages and use the contact form to submit your answers.

These artist interviews have exceeded my expectations, they are funny, educational, informative and inspiring to read. It also comes across that they are fun to write as well giving a chance perhaps for some verbal self expression and soul searching.
Artists of visual mediums are often “silenced” by the very nature of their visual expression therefore this verbal communication is a win-win situation for both readers and writers alike.

And now some of my favorite and most beautiful makeup artist photos with a link to their directory profile pages, homepages and their artist interviews (if applicable) as well. Equal credit is due to the talented photographers who captured their visions.

Richard Munoz Bridal Runway Makeup Artist

artistic dark model makeup artist photo
Makeup Artist Directory Profile - Makeup Artist Website - Makeup Artist Interview

Delgado Beauty Editorial Makeup Artist

classic painting makeup artist effect
Makeup Artist Directory Profile - Makeup Artist MySpace Page - Makeup Artist Interview

Stephanie Mir Fashion Wedding Make Up Artist Hair Stylist

Make Up Artist Paints Yellow Colors on Beautiful Model
Makeup Artist Directory Profile - Makeup Artist ModelMayhem Page

Deborah Lake Beauty Makeup Artist Hairstylist

beautiful model artistic professional makeup artist
Makeup Artist Directory Profile - Makeup Artist Website

Mia Moriguchi Makeup Artist Esthetician

makeup artist creation on beautiful asian model
Makeup Artist Directory Profile - Makeup Artist Website

Anna Castillo Celebrity Makeup Artist Hair Wardrobe Stylist

turquoise makeup powder brushed on model shoulder
Makeup Artist Directory Profile - Ink Cosmetics Website

Lauren Warner Beauty Fashion Make-Up Artist Stylist

beautiful ethnic model editorial makeup photo
Makeup Artist Directory Profile - Makeup Artist Website

Dasha Advertising Makeup Artists

beautiful model in colorful peacock makeup
Makeup Artist Directory Profile - Makeup Artist MySpace Page

ANGEL FACE Makeup Artistry

clean natural professional makeup photo
Makeup Artist Directory Profile

Shawna McWilliams Wedding Fashion Makeup Artist Hairstylist

wedding fashion makeup artist hairstylist photo
Makeup Artist Directory Profile - ModelMayhem Page

Abigail Montes Make-up Artist Beauty Consultant

beautiful model natural makeup fruit loops bracelets


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